Action star Jackie Chan has really done every bit of stunt in his long career, but there have been some definitely riskier than others, like this one we’re about to tell you about.

It all happened during the shooting of the film Police story, in 1985 (the first of a long series of feature films, more or less connected and included in the franchise, which arrive until 2017 with Bleeding Steel).

Chan, who played a police inspector in the film, was supposed to make one particularly risky stunt right towards the end of the film (not the only one, actually, but we’ll come back to this later), and there were certainly not a few concerns about it.

The actor, who in the scene was chasing some criminals in a shopping center, in fact, he would have to descend several floors from a pole covered with decorative lights and bulbs, all with a jump in mid-air and without cables to support it and without any safety net to cushion the landing in the event of a fall (just a car full of candy).

Visually, the sequence would certainly have been a source of entertainment, but imagine being in his shoes … Chan tried to express his doubts about it, but the production assured him that there was nothing to fear, and that lights would go out immediately if something went wrong.

But despite every precaution taken, when it came time to shoot the scene, something went wrong, and the lights on the poles overheated, causing the actor a second degree burn to his hands. Despite this, not only did Chan manage to complete the stunt anyway (you can see the video of the scene we brought back for reference), but that same day he also shot scenes for Heart of The Dragon.

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And to think that another accident had already occurred on the set of Police Story, which saw Chan crash into a glass window and then be taken to the emergency room.

It really takes a lot of guts to be Jackie Chan!

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