At least seven people were arrested in Chile in protests against the blocking of early retirement of … At least seven detainees in Chile in protests against Piñera’s blockade of the early retirement of pensions.

Carabineros de Chile has reported this Wednesday that it has arrested seven people for the altercations and clashes registered in the capital, Santiago, in a new day of protests in which the Protesters reject the decision of the president, , to block the bill that would allow a second early withdrawal from the pension fund.

Through your Twitter account, the police institution has reported that “in the context of the disturbances to public order registered in Alameda (the main artery in the center of Santiago), at the moment seven detainees are registered.”

Despite the number of detainees offered by Carabineros, the local newspaper ‘La Tercera’ raises it to 20 o’clock during the altercations on Wednesday, dissolved by the police force with tear gas.

For a week, the usual protests that have been taking place since the celebration of the plebiscite have moved from Plaza Baquedano to the vicinity of the Palacio de La Moneda, where this Wednesday perimeter fences have been installed at the Government headquarters.

To disperse the concentrations, Carabineros has used water trucks and tear gas, to which the protesters have responded by setting up barricades and lighting small fires in the streets surrounding the Government Palace, as well as throwing objects at the agents, as pick up ‘La Tercera’.

The disorders have also affected public transport in the capital, as access to the Universidad de Chile and Santa Lucía stations have been closed, while the Ministry of Transport has diverted traffic in the Alameda sector where the protests were concentrated.

On this occasion, the protesters have shown their rejection of Piñera’s opposition to the new bill, presented by the opposition, which would allow a second early withdrawal from the pension fund of up to 10 percent of the accumulated jumps in their accounts, as a way to relieve the neediest families in the midst of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

In this sense, the president has asked the Constitutional Court to decree the initiative for the withdrawal of 10 percent of the Pension Fund Administrations (.) as unconstitutional, while he has defended the project presented by the Government that “It grants significant relief to the people who need it most, better protects current and future pensions, does not grant unjustified tax benefits to higher-income sectors, and allows savings to be recovered.”

The Chilean Port Union (UPCH) had also called a strike day in ports throughout the country in protest against the Government and its rejection of the pension withdrawal plan.

This Thursday the two plans presented to withdraw 10 percent of the pension funds are voted in the Senate, one proposed by the opposition and the other by the Piñera Administration. Both projects would need three senators from the other side for their respective projects to be approved, something that, for the moment, seems quite difficult to achieve, according to the Chilean press.

At least seven people were arrested in Chile in protests against the blocking of early retirement of … In the image, the president of Chile,


Also this Wednesday, Piñera has assured wanting “that all the Carabineros can go safely to work, and return safely to their homes ”, statements that are given after criticism, both nationally and internationally, of the institution’s actions during the protests that have taken place in Chile after the social outbreak.

At the Carabineros change of command ceremony, in which the newly appointed director general of the institution Ricardo Yáñez has assumed, Piñera has assured that the police force is “The first line in the defense of our freedoms and our peace, (…) our democracy and our rule of law.”

The last twelve months, the president has continued, “They have been extraordinarily difficult for all Chileans, but especially for the 60,000 men and women who make up the Carabineros de Chile. They have been demanded to the maximum and have had to pay very high prices ”.

Carabineros de Chile has accumulated innumerable complaints of excessive use of violence and human rights violations, both from national and international organizations. The police force has been one of the main ones pointed out by the violence generated in the last year during the social outbreak that generated the largest mobilizations in the recent history of Chile, although it has had the support of the president at all times.

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