Chile Truckdrivers call for a country-wide strike after a nine-year-old girl was shot when her father’s cement truck was attacked by at least four armed men on a local highway.

The child is currently being treated for serious injuries in a hospital in south-central Chile, as reported by local media.

The truck drivers called for this walk-off to begin Thursday if President Sebastian Pinera and Congress do not act to reduce the violent unrest in Chile’s Araucania region.

In recent months, Chile’s Araucania has faced numerous attacks to transport trucks and factories.

This simmering tension between the indigenous Mapuche and Chilean government has resulted in some militant groups who say they fight for Mapuche rights claiming credit for some of the previous attacks in truck drivers and companies.

The country’s National Confederation of Cargo Transport (CNTC) stated Congress failed to pass laws necessary to stop these kinds of attacks and punish them correctly.

The CNTC went on to say; 

“We demand the Congress urgently … approve the 13 laws related to the prevention, persecution and sanctioning of crime.”

Chilean truckdrivers encourage others to participate in the strike that will begin after midnight on Thursday.

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