President of Chile does not wear a mask and causes controversy; will denounce himself

Images of the president were released taking pictures with people who recognized him while he was walking along a beach in the Valparaíso region, without wearing a mask

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Santiago de Chile.- The President from Chile, Sebastian Piñera, announced this Monday that will denounce himself before the competent authorities for having breached the sanitary protocols to the walk without a mask by Beach on Saturday, an episode that was the focus of much criticism.

« Given that there were no officials supervising in that place, the President has resolved to self-report in order to carry out the administrative Procedure that corresponds, « the presidential office said in an official statement.

In social networks and in several local media, the images of the president taking Photographs with people who recognized him while walking through a Beach from the region of Valparaiso, 100 kilometers from the capital, without wearing a mask or respecting the safety distance.

Photo: Twitter

Piñera’s conduct unleashed a wave of criticism on social networks from numerous Internet users, led a private lawyer to file a criminal complaint against the president and earned the reproaches of several parliamentarians who demanded that he be audited.

« The President of the Republic walking through the Beach, without a mask and taking selfies. When does the sanitary investigation start? Or are there citizens who are above the law? « , Said on Twitter former Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz, an opposition deputy for the social-democratic Party for Democracy (PPD).

Behind the controversy unleashed, Piñera apologized on Sunday through his Instagram account: « Without a doubt, I should have put on a mask, but because of the speed with which the events occurred, I did not do it and it was a mistake. I’m sorry. »

Last Thursday, the health authorities announced the measurements to prevent the spread of covid-19 during the summer holidays, which begin in December in the southern hemisphere, and among the indications, the prohibition of removing the mask on the beaches, with the exception of bathing, stands out.

Failure to comply with the protocols and the fact of putting public health at risk are punished in Chile with minor imprisonment in its minimum degree or with a fine that can range between 400 and 13,600 dollars, approximately.

With more than 560,000 cases and 15,628 deaths from SARS-CoV-2, Chile It has been since mid-September with positivity rates below 5% and figures of daily infections and deaths that remain without great ups and downs.

Despite this, the authorities have shown concern in recent weeks about a possible increase in cases after the arrival of the summer holidays and the president himself announced the extension of the state of emergency due to catastrophe for another three months.

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