Friday, November 27, 2020

Díaz- Canel: we have overcome a hard year; next one looks tougherHavana, Nov 27.- We have overcome a hard year, where the main recognition has to be for the people, who, led by the Party, have faced the intensification of the blockade, all the threats, pressures and restrictions that we have had based on the measures that the United States government has increasingly applied, reflected the President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz- Canel Bermúdez, this Thursday during the most recent videoconference held with the governors and the mayor of the municipality Isla de la Juventud special.

On the other hand, he said, it has been a year in which we have faced , with all its implications in the economic and also in the social order. Now we are preparing to start a year that is also going to be complex and very challenging, he stressed.

It will be the year of the VIII Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba and also in which we are going to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the physical disappearance of the Commander-in-Chief and the 95th of his birth; Motivations that, according to the president, are sufficient, from a political point of view, to reactivate and renew our commitments in everything we have to do.

In this regard, he referred how to continue to advance in the fulfillment of what was approved in the VII Congress of the Party and the fundamental government programs. In the same way, he insisted on the priority that must be given in all government instances to the economic and social Strategy and the Ordering Task, to which are inevitably added the new challenges in the confrontation with .

Issues such as compliance with the national housing construction plan, the effects caused by tropical storm Eta, local self-sufficiency, the population’s concerns about the excessive increase in the prices of various products and the new epidemiological scenario that the country is experiencing, The analysis of the meeting that was led by the prime minister, , and in which the second secretary of the Party’s Central Committee, José Ramón Machado Ventura, also participated; the vice president, Salvador Valdés Mesa; as well as deputy prime ministers and holders of various portfolios.

Building dwellings at a steady pace

Although at the end of October of this year, the second of the application of the Housing Policy, compliance with the National Real Estate Construction Plan has a favorable behavior and is 98% of execution, it is still a challenge for the country to increase the rates, both in self-made buildings and in state buildings or those made through the use of subsidies.

Precisely these last two aspects are the most backward in general, in which, emphasized President Díaz- Canel, we must advance with greater speed. From this moment we have to prepare the guarantee that we can start 2021 with a continuity of the Plan and also creating the bases for its fulfillment in the next calendar.

In the same way, he highlighted the purpose of progressing in the creation of pleasant and functional homes, especially in agricultural communities, that allow us to have better living conditions to attract and motivate the influx of workforce towards food production, which is today the task that economically decides.

During the exchange, where aspects such as cement production, the recovery of damages caused by weather events and the state of the technical documentation of the buildings were also evaluated, the Prime Minister stressed the rigor with which the issue of illegalities must be addressed urban planning, an issue that is not going well and must be assumed with full responsibility in all scenarios, firstly from state entities, where the problem has not yet been resolved.

Not in all places, he emphasized, is acting based on complying with what is indicated and restoring legality, and this is not a matter only of the Institute of Physical Planning; the main responsibility is in the territories and as such must be taken care of.

Prices and monetary order

Taking into account that one of the main causes of disgust that the population has been manifesting in recent weeks is associated with the excessive increase in prices, especially of agricultural products, this was also an issue that focused the attention of the agenda of the videoconference.

After the explanation offered by the Minister of Finance and Prices, Meisi Bolaños Weiss, about the actions that are being undertaken and others that will be put into effect to face this situation, Prime Minister valued that it is an aspect in which we have We have to act with coherence and rigor, and to which we must be able to add the people to denounce the facts and be part of the combat.

The issue of price, clarified the President of the Republic, is a very important government issue, which has an impact on retail commercial circulation, financial balance and sanitation, and also on the population, to which it is added now that it constitutes one of the most complex challenges we have in the Ordering Task.

The confrontation with this phenomenon must be rigorous, acting correctly, in an agile and professional way, without allowing compromise or corruption, and with sanctions that are severe and exemplary, he insisted.

Lands must generate productive outcomes

Another issue evaluated during the work agenda was the damage caused in various territories of the country by tropical storm Eta, which essentially affected housing, roads and agriculture, in the latter with an impact on 10 crops and delays in the campaign sowing cold.

In the specific case of housing, 779 damages were reported, of which 16% had been resolved at the time of the meeting.

On this matter, President Díaz-Canel stated that in a year very hit by meteorological phenomena, it is urgent to continue consolidating the productive poles, break obstacles, enhance the experiences of the best producers, and make use of idle lands, all of which is closely related to municipal self-sufficiency.

The issue is not just handing over idle land; also how to control and encourage their use and contribution, he stressed.

Municipalities, he asserted, have to defend their local productive systems, because life is leading us more and more that we have to depend on what we do with our own efforts and that is necessary to promote at the community level, at the local level. “From the Government we have to make every effort to motivate, unblock, encourage, support, control and demand,” he said.

Facing challenges

Given the increase in positive cases of that has been experienced in recent days, associated especially with travelers who arrive in the country, during the work day, Vice Prime Minister Roberto Morales Ojeda referred to compliance with the Health protocol for isolation in homes, which includes waiting for the result of the first and fifth day PCR results in homes, a procedure that has not always been followed.

In this regard, the Prime Minister considered vital the need for communities to strictly comply with what has been established by the Ministry of Public Health. It is urgent to increase the demand and eliminate the relaxation of the measures that in many places has been generated to minimize transmission, he reflected.

On this matter, the President of the Republic considered one of the greatest challenges to achieve within normalcy to continue to keep the situation under control. We have shown the ability to face the pandemic, we have much more experience, and in the current context the behavior of travelers and their families has to start from the responsibility to avoid contagion. (Presidency of Cuba) (Photo: Revolution Studies) 

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