Senate approves extending state of emergency requested by Abinader for 45 days in DR

Santo Domingo, DR.

The Senate of the Republic approved this afternoon the extension of the state of emergency for another 45 days, as requested by President Luis Abinader.

The president deposited the request this morning in the Senate, which included it in its working session this day.

The piece will now go to the Chamber of Deputies, which must know it and decide on it.

The current state of emergency expires on Thursday, September 3, which has the same duration limit and was requested by former President .

Before going to the vote on the request, Senator Ivan Lorenzo, spokesman for the Dominican Liberation Party, who recalled that José Ignacio Paliza, today Administrative Minister of the Presidency, rose in a session of the previous Senate as a protest against the approval of a new state of emergency, at that time requested by President .

“Neither bitter nor resentful,” said the senator to define the PLD and justify his support for the state of emergency.

Previous states of emergency

Last Wednesday, July 15, the then president, , asked the National Congress to approve a new emergency state, but this time for 45 days.

The request from the Executive Power was made in the middle of the transition process from the government of Medina to that of Luis Abinader. He was the winner of the July 5 elections with 52.52% of the electorate. 

The request for a state of emergency was agreed between the Medina and Abinader group. 

From March to June, the country experienced emergency states that have included a nighttime and early morning curfew. 

The first state of emergency was approved for 25 days, then twice for 17, one for 15; the last was for 12 days and ended on Saturday, June 13.

The states of emergency requested from April to June were an extension of the first one in March.

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