20 Ecuador and the United States get ready to sign trade agreement

In Quito, the First Phase Agreement with the United States will be signed next Monday, with four chapters that will allow the « structure of a broader commercial agreement, with few non-sensitive matters and easy implementation, » as the Ministry of Production recalled this Friday Foreign Trade, Investments and Fishing.

The President of the Republic, , met on Friday with Adam Boehler, executive director of the International Development Finance Corporation of the United States (DFC, for its acronym in English). In his Twitter account, the president celebrated the signing of this document, which does not include the negotiation of access to markets and agricultural products.

Among the points provided are the facilities for international trade. «Seeks the systematization of the requirements of customs operations, simplify processes, modernize them and reduce red tape. Link the procedures to electronic platforms so that the user no longer has to do them in person, « the Secretary of State explained in a release.

There is also talk of the so-called Good Regulatory Practices, to promote transparency in customs regulations and environmental and technical operations.

« This chapter is being incorporated into all trade agreements worldwide, Ecuador has already included it in the agreement with Chile and is negotiating it with Mexico, » the statement clarified.

Topics such as benefits for MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium-sized companies) and the fight against corruption in international trade are also discussed.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade, Daniel Legarda, assured on his Twitter account that this agreement is a « milestone in the commercial policy of our country, with benefits that transcend towards more transparency and efficiency in commercial regulation. »


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