The surname Correa returns to the political board of Ecuador heading for the 2021 elections
Rafael Correa and his sister Pierina, during an electoral event held in 2019.AP

The return of the Correa surname to the electoral orbit of Ecuador will not be individual. After former President Rafael Correa confirmed this week his aspiration to return to power as vice president in the 2021 elections, after a term away from Carondelet, his two older brothers have also taken a step forward. Pierina Correa will accompany the former president as head of the list on the assembly ballot, but the oldest of the three, Fabricio Correa, will attend on a separate rope to the chagrin of the leader of the so-called Citizen Revolution.

“In 2013, they offered me everything to participate, and in 2017 and 2019. I said ‘no’. But I am aware of the competencies that I have and, as a Christian that I am, I cannot bury the talents. As a citizen, one has to be part of the solution, ”Fabricio Correa prefaced his announcement on Thursday that the Social Justice movement had proposed that he lead the presidential option next year. He said that it will take ten days to formally ratify it, but he did so at a press conference in which his name already had a companion for the vice presidency and in which he justified his leap into politics because of the support he received. “I asked that they convince me of two things: that Ecuador wants to change, that the political cartels do not represent the majority of Ecuadorians and that the majority repudiates that Creole vividness that is the romantic name that has been given to corruption . Today I am convinced of that. And second, that there are more good guys, but it turns out that the bad guys are the ones who rule ”, he added.

Rafael Correa’s rejection reaction was immediate as he transcended the intentions of his older brother. “If true, I apologize from now on. You know that we cannot be responsible for our brothers. I am ashamed that we are beginning to resemble the political dynasties that I have always fought, ”the former president posted on Twitter, despite taking his sister as first on the list of candidates for the Union for Hope alliance Assembly.

Pierina Correa had already begun to signify herself, with videos and messages of support for Correa’s legacy, before her candidacy as a legislator became official. That day she went to the headquarters of the National Electoral Council, claiming to be empowered by her brother Rafael, so that the authority that regulates the elections could clarify whether or not the candidates can accept this pre-selection of the parties by telematic means. “To accept the nomination, they require physical presence, it is a clear direction to prevent the participation of my brother. They are violating the right to choose, ”reproached the national secretary for citizen participation of Compromiso Social, an acronym that sheltered Correismo in the last provincial and municipal elections after splitting from Alianza PAIS due to the confrontation between Rafael Correa and his successor in the Government of Ecuador , .

In order for Rafael Correa to actually run for the 2021 elections, he must still overcome two impediments. The first, that of justice. The former president would be disqualified if the sentence to eight years in prison he received in April for the so-called “2012-2016 bribery case” becomes final -after the pending appeals are resolved- before his application is formally registered. The second, that of the electoral regulations that requires him to accept personally and in person the offer to be a candidate, with the risk of being arrested when stepping on Ecuadorian territory because there is a current prison order against him.

This Sunday the deadline for political organizations to specify the final names with whom they will nominate for the 2021 presidential elections ends. Then, the nominees have 10 days to officially accept that designation and, after that, they must register it with the electoral authority. All that process must be completed by October 7. Then, the Electoral Council will evaluate if each candidate meets the legal requirements before approving them and that they benefit from immunity.

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