Protests In Haiti Call For President's Resignation

Protesters clashed with police officers in Port-au-Prince on Wednesday as they called for the resignation of Haitian President amid corruption allegations against him.

The demonstrators lit fires on the street and threw objects at police officers, who in turn responded by shooting live ammunition and tear gas at the protesters.

The protest happened on a national holiday which commemorated the 217th anniversary of the last major battle in the Haitian Revolution where local forces defeated Napoleon’s French expeditionary forces.

While the protest continued to grow violent, President , under heavy security, paid tribute to the heroes of independence by laying a wreath at the National Mausoleum.

Protesters attempted to reach the area but were repealed by security forces blocks away.

At least one young man was shot in the head during the commotion according to an Associated Press reporter who saw the injured man being carried away by other protesters.

The nation has been rocked by street protests demanding Moise’s ouster on allegations that he mismanaged the economy and failed to hold accountable those who siphoned billions in international aid into bank accounts overseas.

Haiti is also currently experiencing a political impasse without a parliament and is now run by decree under Moïse.

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