AMLO highlights that Maradona “never renounced his ideals”

The Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, stressed that the Argentine Diego Armando Maradona, who died this Wednesday of cardiac arrest at age 60, lived “his star moment” in Mexico and that he never “gave up his ideals.”

López Obrador posted on social networks an iconic photograph of the soccer star at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City holding the trophy after winning the 1986 World Cup, which took place in the Latin American country and which elevated the Argentine star.

“In Mexico, Maradona lived his stellar moment as a footballer,” said the Mexican president, who confessed: “because of him I found the grace to that sport.”

“But my greatest admiration was always his congruence. He never renounced his ideals even if he paid the cost of being ‘politically incorrect’,” López Obrador added about Maradona, who always showed his support for left-wing Latin American governments like that of Cuban Fidel Castro. passed away on the same day four years ago.

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After the victory of the leftist López Obrador in the 2018 elections, Maradona He expressed in an interview that the Mexican leader had “a very great merit” and believed that he should “fix everything that the previous governments messed up”.

For her part, López Obrador’s wife, the historian and writer Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, confessed this Wednesday through Facebook that she was “very shocked by the sudden death of Diego Armando Maradona” whom she defined as “the best soccer player“.

“I always admired him for his ideological honesty, for his sporting ability, his good humor, his commitment to the poorest, his victories, his defeats, his sensitivity,” said Gutiérrez Müller, who also admitted that the Argentine “was a man of chiaroscuro “.

“You take something of ours, you leave us much yours Diego,” the Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, summarized in networks, while the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico observed a minute of silence for the Argentine’s death, which occurred at his home in the province Buenos Aires, in Argentina, a country that declared three days of official mourning.

Maradona starred in the match against England in the quarterfinals of the World Cup Mexico 1986 one of the most beautiful goals in football history besides the “God’s hand”, a goal that he put into the net with his left fist.

Decades later, the Argentine became coach of the Dorados de Sinaloa, a team that Maradona led to two finals in the defunct Ascenso MX in the Apertura 2018 and Clausura 2019.

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