Censorship or rigor?: host Fernanda Familiar will silence AMLO when she thinks she tells lies
Foto: Getty Images /Instagram vía @fernanda_familiar

The host Fernanda Familiar wrote on her Twitter account that she will no longer spread the things about saying the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, when she thinks they are about lies.

“ I will not give room to ’s lies. Rigor must force us not to give time for anyone’s lies. Commitment and responsibility is with the truth. If you talk to the truth, there’s room, I won’t be an accomplice. I’ll cut signal and post. Punto,” Familiar wrote on his Twitter account on November 23.

Later, on that same day, he issued another message where he spoke about the media and freedom of expression, “I stay with media reflection defending freedom of expression at the cost of lies. And the rigor?, they pass it through the Arc de Triomphe. Careful. There are those who fight for verified truth, but there are those who live an eternal lie, charge and defend.”

Fernanda Familiar also said that the country is in a crisis and said that who has positive news, is because he is lying, “Good night. Our country (Mexico), in a sopor, abyss, lethargy, retardation, crisis, ankylosed, and is not Fake News. Beware those who say otherwise and give room to lies. We’re not going well, there’s no good course.”

His position, which reminds that made on November 5 by several US television stations that cut off a message from about the results of the presidential election, was criticized, even by colleagues who are equally critical of .

For example, Luis Cárdenas mentioned, “I respect Fernanda Familiar’s decision not to transmit fragments from ’s morning, but I don’t share the idea. I think it only gives more strength to populism, in the end, ’s’ censored ‘message was one of the most watched.”

Another criticism she received was from users like @jgnaredo, who said, “The host Fernanda Familiar claims that she will not give space on her radio programs to any word of . I mean, censorship it. That’s how many ‘journalists’ think. And they still have the fondness of saying themselves ‘defenders of freedom of expression’.”

There were also users who remembered that Familiar is friends with the Calderón, like @Paulguerra16.

Journalist Jorge Armando Rocha criticized the host’s lack of consideration with her audience, “Fernanda Familiar is going to decide what is true and what is a lie before revealing, to her audience, the positions of . I imagine you think people are incapable of discerning. Communicators exercising prior censorship and kicking for the ‘risk’ of freedom of expression.”

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