In Coahuila, AMLO orders a rescue plan for the ISSSTE

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He asked the director of ISSSTE, Luis Antonio Ramirez, to present him with a rescue plan for this health institute.

When delivering a clinic in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, the president said he will support the proposal and provide all the resources needed to improve services for state workers.

“I ask you, I instruct you to agree to rescue ISSSTE, that is the mission, I will support, I will support, there will be no lack of resources, everything that is needed to rehabilitate the clinics, that they have medicines That there be teams and substantially improve this institution, ”he said.

The President said that upon reaching the government they found “a dump” of unfinished works and they are currently facing blockades and blackmail from pharmaceutical companies that have taken control of the supply of government health services.

In this sense, he recalled that there was a theft of children’s cancer drugs that later appeared on the street.

“All those medicines were stolen and they are being thrown in the trash, what they wanted was to expose the government, but as it is in the public domain, we are very persistent, we do not give up, we have decided to end corruption, banish corruption of the country ”, he specified.

He acknowledged that his administration has found it difficult to solve the problem of medicines because it was the business of a few with a value of up to 100 billion pesos “a few laboratory companies above all, distributors with political influence were those who sold these medicines”

The President assured that it is necessary to improve ISSSTE because of all the health services that exist in the country, this is the most neglected so far.

And he also accepted that the improvements planned for the beginning of his government were delayed due to the pandemic.

“We have not advanced as much as we would like, especially because the pandemic presented itself to us and we had to carry out an emergent program to attend to those affected by covid-19. Hospitals had to be converted “


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