(Q24N) Friday morning, as a maintenance and training measure, the presidential plane TP-01, operated by the Mexican Air Force (FAM), made a roundtrip flight from Mexico City to Guadalajara, Jalisco, without landing.

In the market for an airplane, but not just any plane?

Official sources indicated that this practice is in order that “the engines are not damaged due to lack of use”.

– payin the bills –

Last Monday, August 24, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador () got on the presidential plane, a specially-outfitted Boeing 787 Dreamliner was purchased in 2012, for the first time since he assumed office on December 1, 2018, where he recorded a video promoting the raffle of the aircraft, which will be held on September 15.

In the market for an airplane, but not just any plane?

has described the plane as a symbol of government excess, frequently using commercial flights to travel across Mexico. In a video that he uploaded to his Twitter account, and while touring different areas of the aircraft, the President stated that “with so much poverty” in his country, the “José María Morelos andPavón” (the name of the aircraft) was an insult.

“We are going to raffle this plane on September 15 (Mexico’s Independence Day) and what is obtained will be used to buy medical equipment and serve the people. Buy your raffle piece, let’s make history,” says the president in the video.

– paying the bills –

Jorge Mendoza Sánchez, general director of Banobras, reported that one of the two interested buyers put down a million-dollars as a deposit for an eventual purchase.

“There is an advance with one of the bidders in terms and conditions of purchase and sale, a deposit of one million dollars was already received last Monday; Likewise, last week we received a second offer for another interested party, which is being analyzed at the moment,” he said.

In the market for an airplane, but not just any plane?

So, why the raffle? What would ordinary Mexicans who win the raffle do with such an aircraft, you ask?

Well has a plan. He will give 100 raffle winners each 2,000,000 pesos (US$919,000 dollars) from the government’s expected US$160 million dollars in ticket sales.

– paying the bills —

Raffle tickets will cost about 500 pesos (US$23).

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