“It is a shame that wages are higher in China”: AMLO condemned outsourcing abuses Photo: Presidency of Mexico.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that this Monday he will have a meeting with businessmen to explain what the initiative he sent to Congress for approval, regarding outsourcing, is about. He assured that his government is not going to promote poorly paid jobs and it is a shame that in China and other Latin American countries the salary is higher than in Mexico.

“Why are we going to be promoting low-paid jobs, it is a shame that the salary in Guatemala in Belize, in Honduras in El Salvador, is higher than in Mexico, it is a shame that the salary is higher in China than in our countryYes, 20 years ago it was not like that, they said that China’s competitive advantage and that is why it became the world’s factory were low wages, and it is no longer like that, in Mexico during the neoliberal period the purchasing power of wages was lost ” , indicated the Mexican president.

“Today we are going to have a meeting with businessmen to explain this bill to the Chamber of Deputies, the purpose is that subcontracting is not abused, that it is specified under what conditions subcontracting can be carried out, and the rest of activities there will not allow it, so that benefits are not taken away from workers, because hiring them for a specific time implies that the worker does not have any social security, benefits are not given, so the phenomenon is rare that in December when they have to give the workers a bonus, they have to be given distribution of profits they are fired, to rehire them in January in February that is totally irregular, “said López Obrador from the National Palace.

“It is a shame that wages are higher in China”: AMLO condemned outsourcing abuses outsourcing workers (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

López Obrador pointed out that, although opponents of his government assure that a large number of jobs will be lost, he reiterated that supporting this hiring scheme is promoting poorly paid jobs. “They said that the comparative advantage was low wages, it turns out that, in the neoliberal period, wages decreased instead of growing, purchasing power was lost,” he added.

The initiative presented by to regulate the outsourcing system on November 12 will go to vote in the Chamber of Deputies next Thursday. In this context, Ignacio Mier, coordinator of the Morena bench announced his support for the president and assured his commitment to sanction companies that evade the treasury through this mechanism.

“It is a shame that wages are higher in China”: AMLO condemned outsourcing abuses . / José Méndez

Reports from the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (INEGI) indicate that Mexicans work between the informal sector and outsourcing practices that took a relevant peak between 2014 and 2019. According to official figures, 4.6 million people in Mexico would be subcontracted, but that number would rise 7 times more by adding the so-called pagadurías.

It is known that the 2012 Labor Reform introduced the figure of subcontracting with restrictions that did not work, so there is an exponential growth in this type of practice.

“A comprehensive reform is presented that allows cutting the tentacles of the outsourcing octopus and harmonizing the different laws so that there are no gaps that allow this type of simulation,” he said at the time Luisa María Alcalde, head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

What will the settings be?

The proposal consists of regulating three actions for the benefit of the country’s workers, which are:

* Subcontracting of personnel.- The process that consists of a natural or legal person providing their own workers for the benefit of another institution will be prohibited, that is,

There may not be companies that simulate their labor relations and that have workers hired by others

* Specialized services and specialized works. In this case, specialized services will be allowed and regulated, which are not part of the corporate purpose or economic activity of the beneficiary thereof, but must have authorization from the STPS and will be part of a public registry for any citizen.

For example, in a hotel you could hire staff to do maintenance work on elevators or air conditioning.

* Employment agencies. They may intervene in the process of recruitment, selection, among others, but in no case will the intermediary be considered a patron or may hire as a substitute.


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