“It is urgent to abandon optimism”: the PAN asked AMLO for self-criticism and realism to face the … The pandemic has hit Mexico with force while the second wave of infections and deaths begins to wreak havoc (Photo: Luis Torres / .)

Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, the leader in Chamber of Deputies of the BREAD (National Action Party), the main parliamentary opposition in Mexico, demanded that the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador put aside the “excess of optimism” and assume reality to overcome the challenges facing the country, mainly the pandemic of COVID-19.

“A Head of State He cannot govern from an imaginary or invented reality, parallel as President López Obrador does with the indices of social inequality, unemployment, poverty and violence triggered as our country lives today ”, affirmed this Sunday the PAN coordinator in San Lázaro.

“Faced with the size of the challenges that Mexico has in the short term It is urgent to abandon the excess of optimism, the lack of self-criticism and the unrealism proven in the second government report. Otherwise it will not only be impossible to overcome the current crises, but they will tend to deepen, “added the leader of the PAN deputies.

“It is urgent to abandon optimism”: the PAN asked AMLO for self-criticism and realism to face the … Romero Hicks referred to the second report, where he called an excess of optimism (Photo: Courtesy of PAN Representatives)

In addition, the parliamentary leader stated that in the balance of the two years of this government It was necessary to recognize the worsening of the generalized violence and in particular the femicides. “Today society has not been accompanied by the government, which continues with the dismantling of what is well done,” he explained.

Romero Hicks pointed out three great challenges that “knock on the door of 2021” and are “of reserved prognosis”: the application of the vaccine against COVID-19, the measures that the country must take to face the coronavirus, the start of the T-MEC and the application of the new labor rules.

“The immediate challenge is not so much to acquire the reagents in a hyper-demanded market (for the vaccine against COVID-19), but find the successful formula to take vaccines to the most distant and complicated places in the national territory, with all the indicated therapeutic measures ”, assured the PAN deputy.

“In the coming months the entire world will experience the harsh reality derived not from the way in which each nation dodged, mitigated or cushioned the impact of the pandemic but the way in which it will come out successfully and in the shortest possible time of devastation. That will deepen the differences in an inequitable world, “he added.

“It is urgent to abandon optimism”: the PAN asked AMLO for self-criticism and realism to face the … The vaccine will be of great help, but the challenge will be how to distribute it throughout the Republic (Photo: Kiril Kudryavtsev / .)

According to Romero Hicks, This will be the “most effective measurement” and what really matters to Mexican families impacted by the health crisis and, at the same time, for the economy, along with unemployment and the triggering of poverty.

Mexico will also face in the short term the fate of starting the TMEC with the arrival of the new government of the United States with to the head, whom López Obrador still does not recognize. “The application of the new labor, energy, environmental and investment rules will be decisive for the way in which we will emerge from the crisis,” he explained.

The legislator also indicated that, given the health crisis, “the application of tests, the use of generalized covers, protection of medical personnel and comprehensive care will have to be added, in addition to supporting the needy ”.

Romero Hicks argued that Currently the institutionality is not respected, the presidential inauguration is confused challenging the citizen mandate which led to the election of their state and municipal leaders.

“It is urgent to abandon optimism”: the PAN asked AMLO for self-criticism and realism to face the … Mexico cannot forget the T-MEC and the arrival of a new administration to the US government (Photo: Shutterstock)

“We make a Republican call to the president to open to dialogue with state leaders. They, like the chief executive, were elected by the citizens and have representation within the federalist framework ”, he specified.

It is necessary that everyone be listened to, not only the allies, but also those who do not think the same as the president, because we all want Mexico to do well

Finally, Romero Hicks announced that “In a few more weeks we will see if President López Obrador is up to the challenge that is presented to Mexico”. “For now, it would be good for him to extend his hand to greet those who, like the PAN deputies, want our country to return to prosperity as soon as possible,” he concluded.

The PAN, meanwhile, also thinks about the midterm elections of 2021: The other two largest opposition organizations, the PRI, allied with others (Institutional Revolutionary Party) and the PRD (Party of the Democratic Revolution), to try to snatch Morena, López Obrador’s party, the majority in the Chamber of Deputies.


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