López Obrador denied political persecution against Calderón

López Obrador during a conference from Acapulco. (Photo: Special)

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, denied that he sustains a political persecution against the former president Felipe Calderon Hinojosa.

« Mr. Calderón is angry. I already forgave him, It is not with me, it is with a US judge ”, said the president during a press conference during his visit to Guerrero.

And it is that Hinojosa Calderón revealed a few days ago that he is a « victim of unfounded persecution » by the president, after Calderón’s announcement of his desire to found a political party.

However, López Obrador declared this morning that there is an investigation into the case of Genaro Garcia Luna, who was Secretary of Public Security during his six-year term (2006-2012), as he is accused of acts of corruption.

In the image, the former president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón. (Photo: .)

« They are investigating García Luna, no way that I am going to ask the judge ‘do not investigate’, because I can not do that, it is a matter of the US government, » he said.

Likewise, he denied that he has influence to decide what the New York judge should do, since he declared that: « then he is already exaggerating. »

When asked if he wanted to see the former president, he said yes you might see it to showcase acts of corruption, as it is a way to prevent such damage.

« Yes i would like to see it, it’s like pay per event. We must expose all corruption, that does help a lot, that does interest me, to stigmatize the corrupt, because it is not just to punish them, but not to repeat it, to prevent corruption, « he said.

Regarding the case of the complaints against former presidents, Lopez Obrador He emphasized that in relation to article 108 of the Constitution, they can only be tried for treason or serious crimes.

“When there is a complaint, according to what the lawyers have informed me, those involved have to go and testify, but in these cases, I don’t know if they can do it in writing and they have the obligation to report or send and say that they are going to testify in writing ”He explained.

García Luna is tried for acts of corruption. (Photo: .)

Last July, the New York prosecutor’s office delivered a package of evidence with at least 60,000 pages of evidence, which will be used against the former Secretary of Security, since he allegedly collaborated with the Sinaloa cartel.

Said evidence also includes the seizure of 43.8 kilos of cocaine, which was seized during an operation in Brooklyn, USA, in May 2002, the year in which García Luna “held the reins” of the Federal Investigation Agency of the then Attorney General’s Office. of the Republic (PGR).

The package of evidence also reveals at least 20 kilos of cocaine, which were seized in the Gatun Ship, near the coast of Panama, in March 2007.

The seizure was part of an operation against drug trafficking, which was carried out a few days after the Mexican government located USD 25 million in cash at the home of Zhenli Ye Gon, in Lomas de Chapultepec (Mexico City).

According to the investigations, it is the former police chief himself, who reviews the documents and includes transcripts of calls, and statements about the bribes of the Sinaloa Cartel, from a laptop that he has in his jail cell in Brooklyn, United States .

Said documents from the US Department of Justice do not indicate that García Luna is negotiating an agreement with the US authorities. In early 2020, there was speculation of a possible agreement between the former official and the US government to avoid a trial.


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