Mario Delgado agreed to eliminate trusts and allocate resources to the Health sector

Mario Delgado agreed to eliminate trusts and allocate resources to the Health sector (Photo: Andrea Murcia / Cuartoscuro)

Mario Delgado, president of the Political Coordination Board in the Chamber of Deputies (Jucopo), agreed on eliminate 44 federal trusts and allocate those resources to the health sector.

This pronouncement is justified in the president’s statement Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Monday, August 10, when he said that he would send an initiative to eliminate some trusts.

Despite the dissatisfaction expressed by some beneficiaries of the trusts, the coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of National Regeneration Movement (Brunette) said that this is going to be a reality.

« We have an initiative to extinguish 44 trusts, has not been ruled or voted on, a new initiative is coming with more trusts, which we are going to analyze, decide and vote at the beginning of September, because the discussion of the economic package also starts in September, next day 6 « , explained the graduated from ITAM.

The coordinator of the Chamber of Deputies coincided with President (Photo: Chamber of Deputies)

The federal deputy did not rule out establishing a broad discussion on the subject; However, the current context, where the presence of the new coronavirus and the economic consequences that it brought with it are two factors that cannot be missed.

« Continue the discussion about those 44, the vast majority of those trusts will disappearThat is why we have already made the parliament open, that is why we have already made the review, and so far the conclusion is that a few would survive, but the vast majority would have to disappear ”, he added.

Given the strangeness that this issue may represent in readers, it is necessary to define what a Public Trust is and why it is proposed to take resources from there.

announced the elimination of 44 trusts (Photo: Presidencia de México) (Presidencia de México /)

The government, through its agencies, uses trusts to transfer the ownership of some resources from the public domain to private ones to carry out a specific purpose of public interest.

With the expedition of the Federal Law on Budget and Fiscal ResponsibilityIn 2006, the legislative criteria for this item changed and determined that the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) will only grant trusts of the Centralized Public Administration; In other words, the door is opened to the judicial and legislative branches to establish public trusts with resources from their authorized budgets. For this reason, López Obrador needs parliamentary approval, since these powers are no longer centralized in the federal secretariats that obey the executive branch.

However, Mario Delgado, explained that this issue is not the only one that they have pending, since the imminent start of ordinary sessions under the new normal it is a crucial issue, even, to start any parliamentary discussion.

“We are reviewing different alternatives. We can hardly carry it out in the hall of the Chamber of Deputies as has been done for many years. There are several options, one that only half of the legislators attend, we could probably also attend the National Auditorium, as there is more than enough space to have the proper separation, ”the legislator explained in an official statement.

The legislative process will have to be different during the new normal (Photo: Courtesy)

Faced with this problem, the legislative chambers face both technical and administrative capacities to be able to fulfill their functions.

“We are testing different ways to operate the room and that will also have to do with the operation of the Chamber of Deputies. We are probably going to a blended scheme where there is a part of legislators in the Plenary and another part remotely, via virtual; legislators especially those who have a greater risk of traveling, or of catching Covid ”, estimated Delgado Carrillo.

Finally, he announced that there are pending issues and that they are of an urgent nature for the rule of law and will be the ones with which they will begin to meet. The first of them will be the Economic Package 2021, which is in charge of developing the SHCP in charge of Arturo Herrera; as well as the elimination of the presidential jurisdiction.


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