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The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced this Saturday that the construction of a new National Guard barracks in San Quintin, Baja California.

López Obrador has explained that the installation of this group will benefit the security of the town.

The Mexican government will seek to recruit 150 to 300 elements for the newly created security force.

“A barracks for the National Guard is being built. This will help a lot to have security in San Quintín (Baja California). They will be from 150 to 300 elements permanently. Already the National Guard, in several states, has more elements than the state police, that is, the National Guard is already covering the entire national territory.

“There are 96,000 elements, in a year and a half and more than 80 barracks have already been completed, and 80 more are under construction, as is the case of San Quintín. In 2022 there will be 260″ Specified the national president.

Until now, the Mexican government has installed 80 military centers throughout the country. It is expected that in 2022 there will be more than 260. According to López Obrador, there are already 96,000 elements of the National Guard deployed throughout the Mexican territory.

Militarization will be consummated in 2022: López Obrador announced the creation of 260 …

Homicides in Tijuana, Baja California

Baja California is among the six states that concentrate 52 percent of homicides in the country, While Tijuana ranks first in murder record.

With the discovery of dismembered and charred bodies, point-blank executions, narco-messages on corpses, settling of accounts and the murder of policemen, the number of intentional deaths in Baja California reached 144 victims in November and 2,565 so far this year.

In the municipalities of Tecate and Tijuana, violence had a considerable rebound due to internal conflicts between groups of the organized crime.

Militarization will be consummated in 2022: López Obrador announced the creation of 260 …

From left to right. The Governor of BC, Jaime Bonilla, President López Obrador and the Secretary of Economy, Graciela Márquez (Photo: https://lopezobrador.org.mx)

On his first day of touring Baja California, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador signed the extension of the Decree of the Free Zone of the Northern Border which will be valid until December 31, 2024.

“We come to endorse the support with the fiscal stimulus program for the northern border. This is a very important program, with a lot of history ”, he highlighted.

He highlighted that at the national level the minimum wage increased 30 percent and on the northern border it doubled in real terms, which “never happened in the 36 years of the neoliberal period.”

The Secretary of Economy, Graciela Márquez Colín, reported that the measures of this decree will boost the economic activity of all the inhabitants of the 43 municipalities that make up the northern border.


will seek that the “free zone” on the border becomes constitutional

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