In social networks A photograph has begun to go viral that has brought many criticisms of , because in it you see an elderly woman who looks out of the van where the president was traveling with whom he intended to enter into some kind of dialogue during his visit to Baja California. Something that did not get.

The image in question caused comparisons and claims for the gesture that did have with El Chapo Guzmán’s mother last March. And it is that as you will remember, the president approached the truck where Mrs. Consuelo Loera was traveling to greet her, while she was visiting the city of Badiraguato, in Sinaloa.

NFL: The controversy that AMLO unleashed during his visit to Baja CaliforniaNFL: The controversy that AMLO unleashed during his visit to Baja California

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But we go by steps and detailing everything that is known about what happened with in Baja California.

’s controversy during his visit to Baja California

Last Friday, November 27 arrived in Mexicali, Baja California, to attend to some pending matters in the state, such as the expansion of the fiscal decree for the country’s border strip, as well as issues to be discussed with the entity’s governor, Jaime Bonilla, and other officials in the region.

During your visit, a group of protesters waited for to leave the Civic Center of Mexicali to make known some complaints. There were several fishermen who were going to ask the president to lift the ban in the Upper Gulf, imposed to eradicate the illegal fishing of endangered species.

Fishermen demonstrated and demanded to speak to the president

There were also relatives of Sunshine Rodríguez Peña, a Baja California fishing leader who is currently imprisoned in a Hermosillo prison, Sonora, accused of allegedly being part of a criminal group that is dedicated to Totoaba traffic, a highly valuable fish that is known as “aquatic cocaine”, and which is widely consumed in Asian countries.

The name of Rodríguez Peña has already been heard in the media before. In March 2019, journalist Carlos Loret de Mola publicly denounced and held Sunshine Rodríguez responsible and Oscar Parra Aispuro, supposed leaders of the Totoaba Cartel from whom he was receiving death threats.

The name of Sunshine Rodríguez appeared

The threats came after Loret de Mola will participate in the documentary “Sea of ​​Shadows”, a job that calls for the rescue of the vaquita porpoise and where the journalist closely followed the corruption and organized crime networks that are involved in the Totoaba trafficking, which operate in regions such as San Felipe, Baja California, and Santa Clara, in Sonora.

Total that On November 11, the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic announced the arrest of Sunshine Rodríguez and Juan Luis “N” alias ‘La Yegua’, members linked to the Cartel del Mar and who were detained by the authorities on charges of organized crime. Loret de Mola himself confirmed it through his Twitter account.

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The woman in the photograph is the mother of the Baja California fishing leader

Returning to the woman in the photograph who has raised controversy, it is the lady Maria Carolina Peña, Sunshine Rodríguez’s mother and who Last Friday he sought to have a dialogue with López Obrador to ask him to release his son.

This was detailed in his social networks Victor Medina Gorosave, the photographer behind the incredible image that today was a trend on social networks like Twitter. This mainly because many They accused of not wanting to speak with Mrs. Peña as he did a few months ago with Consuelo Loera, mother of the former leader of the Sinaloa cartel.

They criticize López Obrador … but some also defend what happened in Baja California

After the photo in question went viral, In social networks, many began to call a hypocrite because they did not want to talk to María Carolina Peña. However (and as expected), other users defended the action arguing that perhaps López Obrador did not want to put the lady or himself at risk when engaging in a conversation without both wearing a mask.

Here are some reactions:

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