Ricardo Salinas Pliego boasts the end of the year party just when until AMLO asked not to do …
Foto: Reuters / Captura de video Twitter vía @RicardoBSalinas

Businessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego challenged, once again, the country’s health authorities’ recommendations to avoid COVID-19 infection.

Through his social networks, the president of Grupo Salinas shared the video of a year-end party he attended.

“ Of my end of the year dinners, this with Myst and Patricio Borghetti’s team, is one of the best I’ve ever had,” wrote the businessman, although he didn’t specify when the meeting happened.

However, in the pictures you can see that waiters wear a mask, while the rest of the people, who are singing the whole lung the theme ‘Sweet Caroline’ do not wear them.

Borghetti replied to Pliego, “For me it is always an honor and a pleasure! Thank you for giving us time, something so precious, to share a good time and above all keep learning.”

As is customary, the publication of the owner of Elektra stores, which were reported for continuing to operate at the beginning of the pandemic and causing various infections and even deaths in employees, caused a lot of controversy and several users began to question it because of the absence of healthy distance.

For example, @davidlh reproked, “Singing to everything they give without covers, as if COVID did not exist. So great are your pride and arrogance.”

“ Sounds trite… Why don’t they use mouthcovers at least?, these meetings are foci of infection due to the current contingency. Do you think they’re superior or is this only COVID-19 worth it? Anyway, it’s good to have fun big,” wrote @Javier_zuniga77.

User @eljon13 even reminded him of the low wages some of his employees have, “He should give the privilege of a decent dinner to the thousands of workers who earn a misery in their Elektra store chain and who keep their fortune active 365 days a year.”

Last June, Salinas Pliego called the people who opted for quarantine in an essay he shared “privileged minority”, “We respect your decision and your right to stay at home, but we ask that you respect our right to go out and live as we want, You, who have the means to stay home for time indefinite, you belong to a very small privileged minority. It’s not worth imposing your vision on others from a comfortable armchair. Practice goodness towards the most needy.”

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