If there is something that Estefanía Veloz has boasted of in her social networks, it is to raise her voice in favor of Mexican women in the face of patriarchy and gender violence, as well as being a panelist in feminist activist television programs.

However, this Friday afternoon was harshly criticized, both by users and users, after a video with a fragment of the program Punto y Contrapunto from Foro TV, where he collaborates, went viral.

And it is that the material shows an outburst that Veloz had with the panelist Ana Villagrán, councilor for the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office and counselor of the National Action Party (PAN) in Mexico City.

It all started when they touched on the issue of human rights violations by the Mexican Armed Forces, during the six-year term of PAN president Felipe Calderón (2006-2012).

“Shut up and listen and so you learn!”: The outburst that Estefanía Veloz had with a programmate … (Photo: Instagram / anajvillagran)

When Villagrán took the floor, he mentioned that although justice is being sought for indigenous women raped by the military, this will not be eradicated if the current President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, does not make a strong call to punish this crime with the full weight of the law.

“That the Fourth Transformation has a president who comes out to say justice for all women raped by any individual (…) It is very serious because of the way Felipe Calderón treated him and also because it was the Army (…), but the issue of rape is something that lacerates the lives of women every day “

In this regard, Estefanía pointed out that it was not only a matter of rape, but that the Mexican State was involved in not respecting the official version of the victims, adding that Ana “did not want to accept the responsibility that the government of Felipe Calderón had.” .

“I already said it, I said it twice, Estefanía. You never listen, ”Villagrán rebuked. And it was when the feminist activist referred to her program partner like this:

“Shut up and listen and so you learn!”: The outburst that Estefanía Veloz had with a programmate … (Photo: Instagram / estefaniavloz)

Well shut up and listen and so you learn!

Immediately the host of the broadcast, Genaro Lozano, interrupted the discussion to send a commercial cut, not without first sentencing his close friend and panelist: “Let’s see, sorry, Estefanía. I’m going to cut him off there because I’m not going to allow anyone to shut up and shut up between you, ”said the political scientist annoyed at Veloz’s uncomfortable look.

Upon returning from the news cut, none of the panelists returned to the frame and ended the program with other content.

“See nothing but the arrogance of Estefanía Veloz, worse than vulgar. Good for Genaro “,” That uncomfortable moment when because of your bad manners they take you off the air in full live broadcast, right Estefanía Veloz? ” netizens’ comments.

“Shut up and listen and so you learn!”: The outburst that Estefanía Veloz had with a programmate … (Screenshot: Twitter)

But this was not the only controversy that the influencer also had this Friday. And it is that Veloz accused the journalist Héctor de Mauleon a few days ago in his Buena Fe program, on channel Once, of being an example of false information for spreading the complaint of a person sick with COVID-19 without confirming the veracity of the case.

“For journalists like De Mauleon, lies are worth more than the truth as long as they fit their personal interests because otherwise their bad faith is not understood,” he said.

However, on November 11, De Mauleon responded to Estefanía’s criticism through her Twitter account:

“They said it was fake (news). They got to discussing oxygenation instead of helping a person in need of care. The President, Channel Once, and the court of falderos did it.

De Mauleón assured that the case he exhibited on November 22, 2020 was not false news and reported the death of the hospitalized woman.

“Hilda Cruz died last Monday in bed 320 of the Regional Hospital 72 of the IMSS. There they have their fake news ”, he concluded.

Other controversies

“Shut up and listen and so you learn!”: The outburst that Estefanía Veloz had with a programmate … (Photo: Instagram / estefaniavloz)

The graduate of the Ibero-American University (IBERO), is known for being sympathizer Of the call “Fourth Transformation”, led by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and for being the daughter of the former PRD candidate for the Baja California government, Jaime Martínez Veloz.

Thanks to this, he has won countless detractors on social networks, especially when he explains or justifies the actions of the government in power. Like when you thought about the video scandal where is observed Pío López Obrador, brother of the president, receiving money to allegedly support Morena’s electoral campaigns.

“Carlos Salinas kept Raúl Salinas by his side as a director and allowed him to do all his business from Los Pinos. Andres Manuel has not spoken with Pío López Obrador for many years. Do they understand the difference? “

Likewise, it has been harshly criticized for its alleged contradictions by fighting for the principles of the “4T” such as anti-corruption and the preference for the poorest in the country since its Privileged position”, in which he is accused of acting as a “Socialist with iPhone and Gucci tennis shoes.”


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