That AMLO's government subsidize the increase to the minimum wage: Coparmex

The Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) proposed that the minimum wage in 2021 be in a range between $ 128.15 pesos (4% inflation plus Independent Recovery Amount, MIR, of $ 4.31 pesos) and $ 135.83 pesos (4% of inflation plus MIR of $ 7.39 pesos).

The MIR is the mechanism for recovering the purchasing power of wages and it is an absolute amount in pesos, which will not be used as a reference to set current wages such as contractual, federal, state, or municipal.

They propose an increase in the minimum wage. Photo: Pixabay

According to the agency, it seeks to protect the purchasing power of families, but without generating greater serious pressure on companies consisting of the suppression of jobs. On the other hand, the federal government announced that it seeks for the General Minimum Wage to have an aggregate evolution equivalent to 15%.

Coparmex proposed that the objective set by the Federal Government, of the administration, be achieved through two points:

The 4% increase due to the expected inflation, plus a MIR (Independent Recovery Amount) of $ 7.39 pesos that will be assumed permanently and in full by the employers; The AGEC (Extraordinary Government Contribution for Covid) of $ 6.42 pesos per day for each worker for the year 2021, exclusively, would be carried out by the Federal Government, transferring resources to the workers’ payroll.

The objective is for the Federal Government to become jointly responsible for this New Salary Culture, and to transfer $ 195.28 pesos per month to workers who continue to earn the minimum wage during 2021.

According to Coparmex, this is feasible if what they want is to support workers who receive less income, but who want to take care of their jobs.

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