The 100000 dead that AMLO doesn't want to see in the media… but he didn't do enough to avoid …
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In March 2020, the first official death was recorded in Mexico due to COVID-19. Eight months later, the catastrophic scenario of 60,000 deaths predicted by the government was overcome because of the reality that, again, imposed on the foolishness, personal interest and political expediency of President López Obrador and his faithful squire, the “specialist and scientist” Hugo López-Gatell.

In his daily report on the pandemic, the official figure reported by Lopez-Gatell was 100,000 104 deaths and a million 19,543 infections, this amount places the country as the third in the world with the most deaths from this virus.

Deaths from the pandemic are a reality, what is not justified in Mexico is the high number of deaths due to poor management of the pandemic, accredited to federal health authorities that, from the beginning, underestimated the lethality of this new virus.

President López Obrador delegated to Undersecretary Hugo López-Gatell the conduct of the pandemic, arguing that he was a “specialist and scientist,” and therefore his word and criterion would prevail in order to get out of the health crisis.

More than 100,000 deaths later, President López Obrador, at his morning press conference, said that the conservatives want to blame him for the misfortune, forgetting that they left him a destroyed health system.

In his view, the strategy followed to address the health crisis is fine. “We will continue to fulfill our responsibility, doctors and nurses have done it very well, those responsible for this strategy have done very well. Undersecretary Lopez Gatell has done it in an extraordinary way, why change? Nothing else because the people who robbed don’t like what we’re doing? “.

Eight months of health crisis have passed and there is evidence in the country and arrival from various nations, that the criteria defended and recommended by Dr. López-Gatell are wrong and reached us reality, which seems not to see or accept President López Obrador, according to his saying in la Mañanera. What does exist is the data that indicates that in this pandemic the fatality rate in Mexico is 9.8 percent and in the rest of the planet the average is 2.4 percent.

The strategy to support President López Obrador’s speech that “we are well”, “we handle the pandemic well”, “we are already taming the curve”, “we are better than in other countries” and so on, has been to say that there are beds available in hospitals and of course there are beds available, because they are not accepted sick and are returned to their homes. The result of this policy is that 80 per cent of those who were not cared for, did not reach intensive care, died in their homes and 74 percent of whom were admitted did not survive.

Preventive measures in the world have been fundamental to reduce contagions, the cover has been important in the strategy followed in many nations, but for López-Gatell it is a useless garment, because on different occasions he has said that “they are not useful to protect us”, “wearing covers has poor usefulness, or no usefulness”, “it is not a measure that ensures that you will not get infected” and so on.

With his rejection López-Gatell sought to please President López Obrador who, in February, when the pandemic arrived in Mexico, said that it would not be mandatory to use the cover “We are not going to make the mistake that was made in the Calderón government. Do you remember what they put on all of us? We couldn’t even talk.”

We know that President López Obrador is most interested in talking and the “specialist and scientist” knew how to get ingratiated.

When they saw that the pandemic would be for a long time, the president and Lopez-Gatell warned that everyone was responsible for his life and death. So by this time we already count 100,000 who did not refrain from dying, of course they did it under their responsibility.

The other preventive measure is the Application of Tests to detect COVID-19 but, for López Gatell, the recommendation was erroneous because “it started from a vision completely out of place” and this criterion is maintained, so the country is the least evidence applied in the world, and therefore, we do not know how many real infections exist and the pandemic cannot be stopped.

The evidence is forceful, in Mexico we have more than 100,000 dead and what bothers López Obrador most is not the misfortune that reflects, but that the media publish it as the most important news of the day. Because it is, especially because of everything that has been done wrong. The newspaper El País in its edition for Mexico published a report that angry the president, who disqualified the media, said that in Spain they are worse and with his reaction, he wanted to minimize the deaths that are reported day by day in Palacio Nacional. According to him everything has done well and there is no reason to change.

Do not forget that he does not lie, He does not steal, He does not betray and is not mistaken. 100 thousand and we will continue to count.

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