The innocent photo of AMLO and Jesus Ochoa that has irritated more than one
Foto: Twitter vía @lopezobrador_

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador shared on his Twitter account a photograph in which he is accompanied by actor Jesús Ochoa where both hold a Mexican flag. It looks like an innocent photo, one of the many published by the president, however, the various characters caused a great discomfort.

“ I spoke with Jesús Ochoa, general secretary of the National Association of Actors (ANDA). This flag was waved at one of the marches, in 2006, when we were fighting for democracy. Today we are obliged to turn that ideal into reality,” wrote is his publication.

And it was just that flag that irritated some people. In the image both hold it vertically, it looks faded and on the white side, next to the shield, you can see that it has a written message; it also touches the floor a little.

Those details did not go unnoticed by the critics of the president and even the actor, who quickly criticized them. For example, Paco Calderón, a cartoonist for the newspaper Reforma wrote, “So you don’t take the flag.”

Other users were also offended by the deal to the flag. “What a denigrating way to carry our flag. It’s not a [email protected]#$ towel,” wrote @F311O85. “Also the flag should never touch the floor, that’s what they show you from primary,” added @gcruz71.

Who attacked the president and actor, was actress Laura Zapata, who called them “corrupt”, “Tal para que, couple of corrupt. Jesus Ochoa has left our beloved ANDA in the enemy hands of actors looting without authorization from the assembly, the retirement fund that by statute is prohibited.”

In addition, she was also offended by the flag, “What a disdain, our homeland labarus in the hands of licentious. Head and scratched a little faded and vertically.”

Prior to his meeting with the president, Ochoa was questioned by media for the reason of his visit to the National Palace, where he explained that they would deal with issues about the National Association of Actors (ANDA), as the guild is heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

After the meeting he shared the same image where he is next to the president, although he mentioned a parody account of the president.

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