the Sunday message of López Obrador exercising

López Obrador shares image of the city without pollution

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, published a video this Sunday where he is seen wearing sports clothes and boasted how « clean Mexico City is. »

“Exercise really makes us feel good; although it is redundant, it is well-being ”, reads his Twitter account.

“I came to Tlalpan to exercise, to climb these hills from the facilities of the Military College, and behind you have the great Mexico City. I am very pleased, I share with you this image, Mexico City is clean, the capital of our Mexican Republic, a hug, a greeting ”, ends the video of López Obrador.

The Mexican president has on several occasions said that he exercises periodically, however, he had never revealed where he did it.

Next September 1 López Obrador will send in writing to the Congress of the Union its second government report and will give a message to the citizens from the Central Patio of the National Palace, “taking care of the healthy distance, and through conventional means of communication and social networks so that people know ”.

He also indicated that it will be on that date that the new ordinary period of the Legislative Power will begin.

A few days after the president Lopez Obrador, render your second government report, his communication team published a spot where presumes that the vast majority of Mexicans agree with his administration and with the transformation that is taking place in the country.

“It is not more of the same. The privileges and privileges are over, there is no corruption above”Commented the president, who stressed that despite the attacks he has received from the opposition, he has the support of the people: « 70% of Mexicans agree with the transformation and I am not going to fail them ».

In the video he also highlighted that he is one of the presidents who has received the most attacks from his opponents in the history of the country, due to fight it has undertaken against corruption: « That is why the conservatives and their spokesmen are like unhinged. OfSince the days of Madero they did not attack a president like now”.

According to a survey carried out by the newspaper El Universal, despite the health emergency derived from COVID-19, criticism and video scandals, the national president has kept a 53.4% ​​approval among the Mexican population.

The media reported that numbers dropped since February 2019, because before the pandemic, enjoyed the approval of the Mexican people of 57 percent.

The characteristics that keep your preference percentage above half are, firstly, your honesty and integrity with 27.8%, as well as the plans and actions that it has made around the fight against corruption, which would include the case of Emilio Lozoya, by 17.1 percent. Likewise, the way of governing with 16.5 percent.

The study also revealed that six out of 10 people they think that the country’s problems have already overtaken López Obrador; However, the best rated items were regarding the relationship with the United States, the education, just like him fight poverty.

In addition, the 52.4% believed that the president has the capacity to solve the problems that afflict the country, while 46.3% still think otherwise. On the other hand, those who disapprove of his management are those who they don’t believe in their government and actions on issues such as pandemic management, the unsafety, the economic crisis, the corruption and the unemployment.

The audiovisual material is part of a series of videos that he has shared in various media ahead of the report for his second year of government. In other publications he cited the Pope Francisco to point out that helping the poor is not communismbut the center of the gospel.

« We have a clear conscience and the enormous joy of helping humble people, the needy, the dispossessed. Conservatives argue that we are leading the country to communism. Pope Francis has said that helping the poor is not communism, it is the center of the gospel, that is to say to them: ‘have so that they learn’ « , commented the head of the Executive.

On that same occasion, López Obrador assured that the conduct that he has implemented during his administration has been without selfishness, as « Only by being good can we be happy ».

Other of the videos he posted regarding his report were for promote the presidential plane raffle, while the most recent had been for detail the progress of the popular economy despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

« The pandemic brought us pain, sadness, but it also affected us economically. Already we are lifting the popular economyar because we are applying a new model, it is no longer like before the bankers were rescued, the big businessmen, now the town is being rescued« Concluded that message.


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