They detained AMLO to demand roads in Oaxaca: “Yes, it is justified, that they take it into account … (Photo: Courtesy of the Presidency)

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, this Sunday made a tour of the state of Oaxaca where he inaugurated a rural road in the municipality of Santa Ana. During the event, the president revealed that a group of people stopped him on the way to ask him to build another road.

“By the way, some authorities stopped me on the road here too. I invited them to come here to talk to you, They are already on the roads that do not lead to municipal capitals, but to delegations, but they are very important, because there are communities, delegations that have even more population than the municipal capitals. So, it is justified that they take it into account, ”said the Mexican president.

López Obrador inaugurated a rural road in San Bernardo Miahuatlán in Santa Cruz Xitla and another in San Mateo Río Hondo.

There he stressed that thanks to the community organization in Oaxaca, Based on the uses and customs, this is how it has been possible to advance in the project of communal roads. He stressed that this is unique in the country, thanks to a historical process in which communal ownership of the land was maintained.

“The only explanation I have found is that in Oaxaca the land was not divided, it was not privatized … Most of the territory is communal land… 85% of the territory is communal, 10% communal and 5% is small property … I think that was decisive in maintaining this community social organization.. ” I consider.

López Obrador added: “This road is six and a half kilometers long and cost 27 million pesos or, rather, 27 million pesos were invested, at a rate of 4.5 million per kilometer. There I leave the task to the technicians, the engineers, to do the math and see the quality of the road; with good material, concrete, with gutters, with drainage works, well done.

It is also admirable that this work is done and that the budget remains in the same communities, because here the work is done and the region benefits, trade is reactivated, the economy is reactivated.

This work has a multiplier effect: the path is made to communicate to the municipal seat of Santa Ana, employment is given and the economy is reactivated ”, he said.

The Mexican president promised that before the end of his administration, all the municipal seats of Oaxaca will be communicated.

During the inaugural event for the hydraulic concrete highway in Santiago Nejapilla, López Obrador reported that of the 570 municipalities that exist in the state of Oaxaca, 250 already have a new highway.

He added that this program is a dream that he has had for decades because in addition to communication, the investment remains in the communities, since it is the inhabitants themselves who carry out the work.

“Doing a path like this, how many jobs, many more, like the sowing life program is to sow 1 million hectares but there are 400 thousand jobs. That we have to look for a better distribution of income and that investments become work, welfare for our people. I am not criticizing, questioning, these works, these large companies with advanced technology, no, automation, robotics, all that is important, but in a country like ours with so much need for work, we have to ensure that the budget yields what the investment is also converted into jobs, jobs for the people, “he said.

He reiterated that his government will continue to fight corruption, because although it is a “very simple formula”, in that way “the budget is enough,” he said.

“We are going to continue applying the formula that allows us to help the people, it is a relatively simple but very effective formula, it consists in that there is no corruption and that there are no luxuries in the government; and if there is no corruption and there are no luxuries in the government, the budget is enough.

What was stolen before is reaching them, and now people are consolidating the damage caused by corruption, that is the process of raising awareness, ”said the Mexican president.


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