Thousands Call For Resignation Of Mexico President

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in Mexico City on Sunday to demand the resignation of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, commonly referred to by his initials . The rally, called by the National Front Against group, first filled the area around the Revolution Monument, and later the main square, as protesters took to the streets with banners and posters with anti- messages.

The group’s social media platforms have repeatedly compared the government of Lopez Obrador to that of Venezuela’s Chavista regime, blaming the Mexican president for everything from the economic crisis and gang violence to a shortage of medicines.

“A three-year-old girl, who died out for lack of medicine, is a real little person,” said Gilberto Lozano, the organizer of the protest.

“And this murderer keeps giving 5,000,000 pesos (about $229,884 USD), daily to a political party, usurping the name of our motherland. Out with Lopez and his people.”

Tani Segai joined the rally.

“My son already closed shop, he had a 72 or 90-employee business. He had to close it. He is now unemployed,” said Segai.

Some bystanders criticised the protesters.

“All of these protesters are the anti-Mexican as they were stripped of their privileges. I don’t know where all these people came from,” said Gabriel Perez Valente.

Lopez Obrador has dismissed his domestic critics as “fifi” — Mexican slang for elitist or frivolous saying they need to spend more time with the poor and people in small towns. While Sunday’s protest included a car caravan, several thousand people marched together while chanting “Fuera ” or “Out with ” along Mexico’s iconic Paseo de La Reforma Avenue. The protesters wore face masks and mouth covers while keeping a healthy distance during the rally. 

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