“We are like Cuba and Venezuela in salary,” says AMLO

MEXICO CITY, December 10 (EL UNIVERSAL) .- By exhibiting the ranking of Latin American countries by minimum wage amounts, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that we are like Cuba and Venezuela.

“ We are like Cuba and Venezuela in salaries,” López Obrador said at his morning conference this Thursday in Palacio Nacional, when comparing the amounts between countries.

Also, speaking of a collapse in the minimum wage in the neoliberal period, President López Obrador questioned those who were Treasury secretaries and those who were at the Bank of Mexico: “What is the explanation?”

“ Let’s see, answer it. Why if we raise the minimum wage, by 30% in two years in real terms, there has been no inflation. Let’s see, what is the explanation, the logic, what happened, why they deceived,” said the President.

Regarding the ranking of countries by minimum wage, López Obrador said that “it is a shame” and stressed that an increase of at least 15% is proposed for next year.

The minimum wage in most parts of the country is 123.22 pesos per day, so an increase of 15% would bring it to 141.70 pesos; that is, 18.48 pesos more. On the northern border of Mexico, the minimum wage is 185.56 pesos a day, according to data from the National Minimum Wages Commission (Conasami).

“ Two years we’ve been getting the increases by consensus; the first year 16%; the second, 20% and now we’re proposing 15%, minimum,” he said.

“ We will continue because it is a commitment that we have, looking for the recovery of the salary. We think employers and workers are going to help,” the President added.

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