Well After Most World Leaders, Mexico's AMLO Congratulates President-Elect Biden

This week Mexico’s president congratulated U.S. President-elect on his electoral victory.

The congratulation from President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador came well after most world leaders, and at roughly the same time as Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin. , as he is widely known, said a congratulatory letter was sent after the Electoral College met and affirmed Biden’s victory.

“Our countries are linked by proximity, and our people are united by history, economics and culture,” he said, reading from the letter Tuesday morning. “Therefore, we leaders must strive to maintain good bilateral relations, based on collaboration, friendship and respect for each other’s sovereignty.”

He also noted Biden’s pro-migrant positions, which he said will aid efforts to promote development in Mexico and Central America.

’s predecessor, Enrique Peña Nieto, congratulated then President-elect Donald Trump shortly after the 2016 election was called in his favor.

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