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Nicaraguan police prevent Chamorro’s claim to recover his means

Managua, Dec 14 . .- The National Police retracted this Monday the Nicaraguan journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro, one of the voices most critical of the Government of President , when he demanded the return of the building where his media operated, which remains occupied by the authorities for two years. Chamorro, son of former President Violeta Barrios (1990-1997), went to the headquarters of the building where the digital magazines Confidencial and Niú operated, and the television programs Esta Semana and Esta Noche, which he directs, and from the street offered a wheel of press that was interrupted before the arrival of anti-riot agents, according to Efe. The policemen got out of two patrol cars and ordered Chamorro, his wife, Desirée Elizondo, and several journalists under his charge, as well as the president of the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh), Vilma Núñez, to leave the place. The agents lined up, raised their shields to chest height, and at the order of “let’s move forward” and “make way”, they retracted Chamorro, who as he walked denounced that “the authority is occupying this place illegally.” . “A SAMPLE OF THE DICTATORSHIP” “This is a sample of the dictatorship of . This is the live police state. We are here to demand the suspension of censorship and the suspension of the police state,” shouted Chamorro, winner of the IV Casa América Catalunya Award for Freedom of Expression in Ibero-America in 2009, and in 2010 with the María Moors Cabot award. “It does not matter that the police state is exhibited by brute force because they will not confiscate ideas, they will never confiscate journalism, they will not prevent the free press from continuing to report and continuing to portray you (Police) before the Nicaraguans and the world, “he said. He argued that the Ortega government “has never been able to silence independent journalism” nor the media he directs, nor critical ideas, “nor the truth and they will not succeed.” According to Chamorro, “the dictatorship forcibly closed the physical facilities” of its media, “stole the equipment, occupied and occupies our newsroom, but they could never shut us up, or confiscate journalism, or the critical spirit of journalists and our conviction. and commitment to the Nicaraguan people, with our audiences, to maintain critical information, to continue to monitor the power “Neither to” not give in, not to accept, under any circumstances, the censorship they imposed on us, nor to fall into self-censorship “he added. THEY WILL TAKE A CASE TO THE ICJ He also called the police officers “cowards” for pushing the president of Cenidh, Vilma Núñez, 82 years old and who leans on a cane to walk. For her part, the human rights activist indicated that the police action “is the verification of the repression live.” In addition to the “assault by brute force” of the building, Chamorro said, the authorities forced their programs to be taken off the air from open television and the cable television system, so they have “resisted censorship” by resorting to digital platforms. . At least 39 journalists, a television channel, two television programs and two radio stations in Nicaragua have appealed to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) for violation of private property, and for damages, “upon exhaustion of all means to obtain justice in Nicaragua, “according to Chamorro. The also son of journalist Pedro Joaquín Chamorro, assassinated in 1978 for criticizing the president and dictator Anastasio Somoza Debayle, assured that “if the refusal of the Supreme Court is confirmed, the lawsuit against the State of Nicaragua will finally be brought before the Inter-American Court of Justice”. Since April 2018, Nicaragua has experienced a socio-political crisis that has left at least 328 dead, according to the IACHR, although local organizations raise the figure to 684 and the Government recognizes 200 and denounces an alleged coup attempt. .

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