Peru's President: Health, education, and economic recovery are Govt's priorities

21:45 | Lima, Oct. 13.

Health, education, and the economic recovery of the households worst affected by the pandemic are our Government’s priorities, and we will continue to pursue this effort, Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra reported on Tuesday.

The President affirmed that despite impeachment attempts or unfounded allegations against him, he continues to work in favor of the most forgotten peoples and the most vulnerable population.

The Head of State noted that one of his administration’s main focus is to fight against corruption, and that this has affected various powerful groups and political interests.

“We have worked to combat corruption since the beginning and this has affected many interests, especially economic ones,” the statesman expressed.

“We have prevented tax debts worth S/10 billion (around US$2.78 billion) from being time-barred. We have passed the antitrust law and other laws for the benefit of the population, which reduce the income of large companies,” he explained.

Furthermore, the Peruvian leader emphasized that, following his constitutional decision to dissolve Congress, political interests still exist, seeking to postpone electoral elections and affect democracy.

The delivery of tablets was part of a technical-pedagogical proposal and a comprehensive solution for the following three years.

During the event, the President was accompanied by Education Minister Martin Benavides.


Published: 10/13/2020 Read original article here.