Peru's President: Latest measures seek to reverse increase in COVID-19 contagion

President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday affirmed that the measures recently adopted by the Government to fight the COVID-19 pandemic intend to reverse the increase in infections and —instead— continue with a sustained decrease in the number of cases.

Likewise, the statesman indicated that the measures might be uncomfortable or annoying, “but we do it for the sake of all citizens because we want to reverse the increase in infections and continue with the sustained decline.”

In this war against COVID-19, he said, there is a strategy to enhance the health system, but there is another that involves citizen participation to reduce the number of cases and cut the chain of transmissions.

“It depends directly on the responsible behavior of everyone,” he remarked.

For her part, Health Minister Pilar Mazzetti said that “this devastating pandemic is destroying us, our country, our healthcare system and our spirits. But there is one thing that it will never be able to destroy: the willingness that all of us (doctors) have in order to give a little more.”

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