Peru's President: We are not distracted from working for the people

17:40 | Chota (Cajamarca region), Oct. 13.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Tuesday affirmed that he is not distracted from his primary goal, that is, from working in favor of the population, for education, for children, and for those who are always forgotten.

According to the Head of State, there is an intention to oust him from the Presidency of the Republic but, without minimizing the importance of this issue, he said he continues to work for the country.

“We are not distracted from our primary goal, that is, from working in favor of the people, as is the case in Marcopampa, in Chota, where we are working in favor of children, education, and those who are always forgotten. We are performing road maintenance, which has never been completed …,” he stated.

The statesman affirmed that his decision to constitutionally dissolve Congress led to a reaction —against him— from a political sector that was reluctant to give up a position that it had held for years.

He also said that it was him, in his capacity as Minister of Transport and Communications, who changed the rules of the game so that the so-called “construction club” does not win tenders with additional 8% in projects, which has allowed the country to save money. 

The President noted that he is in favor of investigations into facts involving him and of digging deep, since he has always acted correctly and for the benefit of the population.

The delivery of tablets was part of a technical-pedagogical proposal and a comprehensive solution for the following three years.

During the event, the President was accompanied by Education Minister Martin Benavides.


Published: 10/13/2020 Read original article here.