The former president of Peru Martín Vizcarra testifies before the prosecutor for alleged crimes of …


The former president of Peru declared this Saturday for three and a half hours before the prosecutor Germán Juárez, who is investigating the former president for alleged crimes of bribery, illicit association and collusion.

Juárez is investigating a case in which Vizcarra is accused of having allegedly received a bribe of more than two million soles (approximately 460,000 euros) for the award of two projects in the Moguequa region, of which he was governor. This case is part of the great anti-corruption operation Lava Jato.

According to the local newspaper ‘El Comercio’, Vizcarra has testified for more than three hours in his fifth appearance before the prosecutor, who this Monday before a local television said that the evidence he was finding showed “a solid case.”

Vizcarra was dismissed by Congress for his alleged involvement in this and another case of corruption related to the hiring of a singer close to him with public money, although he has announced that he will stand for deputy in the elections next April.

His departure unleashed a political crisis in the country that ended up costing his successor, Manuel Merino, as well, and placing Francisco Sagasti in command of the South American nation.

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