Uruguay: Faced with the outbreak, Lacalle Pou restricts night activities but they continue face-to …

Uruguay begins to suffer for him increase in coronavirus cases and the president announced new mandatory measures to curb the contagion curve. Telecommuting, restrict the hours of bars and restaurants Y fines For those who do not comply with the protocols, these are some of the new regulations that Uruguayans must respect, although ruled out suspending face-to-face classes.

The neighboring country registered more than 200 cases both on Saturday and Sunday and accumulates 6,024 infected and 78 deaths. The rise in contagions comes when the New Years Eve parties, holidays and the summer season, even though Uruguay does not open its borders for foreign tourists.

To prevent the situation from getting out of control, Lacalle Pou announced a reversal: “The teleworking in all public offices, cancellation of all the sports in closed areas, including basketball, closing of bars and restaurants and the like at midnight and will apply fines to workplaces that do not comply with protocols. “

As for the bars and restaurants that do not comply with the schedule, the closure of those premises. The president announced that tomorrow he will speak with the departmental governments to control more strongly clandestine parties.

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Along these lines, he added that the Government will fine parties that are not complying with the protocols with two Resettable Units (2,580 pesos or 60 dollars) For each person at the event venue.

Also, end-of-year events in education are suspended Y there will be more controls in public transport. But nevertheless, Lacalle Pou ruled out suspending face-to-face classes reason why it will culminate with the school cycle.

The Government will evaluate the operation of these measures from this Wednesday Until 18 December, before the end of the year holidays and the summer season, reported the news agency Sputnik.

Lacalle Pou said that if on December 18 the country reaches the Orange on the contagion curve – today it is on the yellow-, could announce new measures.

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Fernando Paganini, head of the data and model area of ​​the Honorary Scientific Advisory Group (GACH) of the Presidency on the issue of , said at the press conference that currently it is no longer within reach to return quickly to the green zone of contagions, as the Government set as its objective on November 5, due to the increase in cases. “The objective now is to stop growth,” he explained.

The GACH, made up of 55 Uruguayan scientists, carried out a study that establishes that if the current growth trend continues, “the weekly average would exceed 300 (cases) and before the end of the year we would be reaching the Harvard orange “, a before the red, the maximum.

Last Saturday and Sunday Uruguay exceeded 200 daily cases for the first time since the disease was detected in the country on March 13, by registering 208 infected each of those days.

In Uruguay, 6,024 people have been infected so far and 78 have died from the disease, according to today’s report from the state National Emergency System.


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