Activist Credits Colombia In His Exit From Venezuela

Venezuelan activist and opposition member Leopoldo López said Thursday he left Venezuela with the aid of the Colombian government. López secretly left Venezuela on October 24, after spending almost two years in the residence of the Spanish ambassador in Carcas.

“What I can say at this moment is that I am deeply grateful for the support and that at some point I will be able to present all the details, ” López said at a press conference in Bogotá on Thursday. The Venezuelan opposition member reserved details, arguing he wants keep the identities of those that helped him confidential for fear of reprisals.

Earlier, during an event commemorating International Human Rights Day that López attended as a special guest, Colombian President Iván Duque said his government protected López in Venezuela.López began touring in Colombia on Thursday, his first trip abroad since settling in Spain after fleeing Venezuela.The opposition leader is the general coordinator for the government proclaimed by Juan Guaidó.

(Image Credit: AP) 

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