Coronavirus Venezuela: what number of days has the quarantine been prolonged?

, president of the Venezuelan Regime, announced yesterday, Sunday, August 9, the 30-day extension of the state of emergency. This decision was born out of the need to protect the Venezuelan people from the spread of the coronavirus in the country. The number of infections continues to grow every day and, until today, there are already more than 22,500 infections.

Quarantine flexibility

The 7 + 7 method will also be improved during these 30 days with two levels of flexibility: partial and general. “We are going to a partial relaxation of some states such as Zulia or Caracas, which have been in radical quarantine for weeks“Said Maduro. The partial, safe and supervised flexibility is applied in Vargas, Miranda, Zulia, Caracas, Aragua, Carabobo and Táchira.

In these municipalities, 10 sectors of the economy will be activated during phase one of the flexibility, such as construction, chemical industry, mechanical workshops, etc. Phase two of the easing will be applied in Barinas, Anzoátegui, Cojedes, Guárico, Portuguesa, Mérida, Lara, Trujillo and Yarucay.

Meanwhile, the radical quarantine will be applied in the border municipalities of Amazonas, Delta Amacuro, Táchira, Zulia and Apure.

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