dollar price this Sunday, November 29, 2020 in Venezuela

The dollar price in Venezuela Today Sunday, November 29, 2020, according to the DolarToday page it is at Bs. 1,204,023.27. Dollar Monitor accounts also publish their exchange rate reports in Instagram Y Twitter.

These are figures from parallel dollar, while the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) controls the official values ​​of the exchange rates in the Venezuelan currency.

Dolartoday: price of the dollar in Venezuela

The price of the dollar in Venezuela stands at Bs. 1,204,023.27, according to DolarToday. In the following table you know the exchange rate in various amounts:

Bs. 6,020,116.35

10 USD
Bs. 12,040,232.70

20 USD
Bs. 24,080,465.40

50 USD
Bs. 60,201,163.50

100 USD
Bs. 120,402,327.00

500 USD
Bs. 602,011,635.00

1000 USD
Bs. 1,204,023,270.00

Dollar monitor: dollar price in Venezuela

The price of the dollar today, Sunday, November 29, 2020 according to the Monitor Dollar Web account is Bs.S 1,075,721.66.

Dollar monitor

Parallel dollar in Venezuela

Learn about the dollar price in Venezuela according to the graph of the free dollar in Venezuela.

Parallel dollar in Venezuela

How much is the Bitcoin dollar in Venezuela TODAY, according to Dolartoday?

Today, Sunday, November 29, 2020, the Bitcoin dollar in Venezuela, according to the Dolartoday page is Bs. 927,730.30

Monitor Dollar and DolarToday today Sunday, November 29, 2020

Venezuela News

The . news agency reported that the Venezuelan currency, the bolivar, lost 24.51% of its value against the dollar in the last 7 days, in which the US currency shot up to 1,035,887.03 bolivars in which it averaged at the close of this Friday, the Central Bank reported of Venezuela (BCV).

A week ago, the dollar was quoted in the official market at 782,025.16 bolivars, a figure that, compared to the one delivered by the Venezuelan issuer today, offers a sample of the high inflation that the South American country is going through.

On the other hand, the Venezuela First Movement, contrary to the Government of , on Thursday blamed the former Chavista mayor of the Santa Isabel municipality of the state of Trujillo (west), Michel Duque, of being the « alleged mastermind » of the murder of the candidate for deputy Waldo Santeliz.

« I indicate with name and surname (the) former mayor of that municipality, Santa Isabel, lower part of the Trujillo state, Michel Duque, as the author, as the alleged intellectual author of this, » said the deputy and member of this movement at a press conference, José Brito.

Maduro Venezuela

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