Guaidó asks for unity again after Machado's rejection of his great opposition pact

In the image, the opposition leader Juan Guaidó. . / Miguel Gutiérrez / Archiv
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Caracas, Aug 29 . .- The Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó reiterated this Saturday his call for the unity of all the detractors of Chavismo after the rejection of the also opposition María Corina Machado to join his great pact of all those who reject the Government of .
« Unity around the legitimate powers, coupled with the support of the People and the international community. There is no other route, » Guaidó wrote in a laconic Twitter message in which he did not refer to Machado.
He also stressed that his duty « is to build that unity to get out of the dictatorship. »
« Whoever believes that he can achieve it alone or by legitimizing a fraud, helps Maduro, » he concluded.
This same Saturday, Guaidó met with Machado, leader of the Vente Venezuela party and one of the harshest voices within the opposition, to propose his great unity pact.
After the meeting, Machado addressed him a letter in which he snapped: « My duty is to face any agenda of distraction disguised as unity. »
For this reason, in a video that accompanies the letter, he assures that « I had the expectation of hearing a different proposal for the good of the country and of each one of the Venezuelans. »
Machado also refers to the appointment of Guaidó as interim president, which, according to him, was intended to evict Chavismo from power.
« The country gave you a task that you have been able or wanted to fulfill, » criticizes the opposition leader Guaidó, recognized as interim president by almost 60 countries.
In a video posted on Twitter, Machado assures that, when asked if they achieved an opposition joint that integrates it, « the answer is no » and denied that Venezuelans should choose between the permanence of President « through electoral farces. « or the continuity of Guaidó » through referendum consultations. « 
In mid-August, the politician who has been a visible face of the Venezuelan opposition since the beginning of 2019 proposed a « great unitary pact to confront fraud » which he considers to be the parliamentary elections on December 6 « and save Venezuela. »
The opposition leader said that his proposal includes organizing an event for Venezuelans to express « their true will through a national and international mechanism of massive citizen participation. »
The two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles was also reluctant to join that pact, stressing that « political calls for unity may be empty, when what is required right now is to attend to and remove Venezuela from the pandemic, from the hunger for the destruction of autocracy, for indolence, for fantasy. « 
In addition, he assured that « unity is not a matter that is agreed between a few politicians only, but must be worked together with all Venezuelans, especially with the large majorities who suffer the attacks of poverty, today at the highest levels of poverty. our history. There is talk of establishing a new route, as if a discussion among a few were enough for that « .

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