More than six million Venezuelans participated in the popular consultation called by Juan Guaidó , in the popular consultation in Venezuela

At least 6,466,791 Venezuelans participated in the popular consultation called by the president in charge of Venezuela, According to data released by Enrique Colmerarez, a member of the organizing committee of the activity, in a first bulletin that added 87.44% of the scrutinies.

According to the data communicated by the organizer of the consultation, 3,209,714 Venezuelans participated in person in Venezuela, while 2,412,354 did so digitally.

Likewise, 844,723 Venezuelan citizens attended the consultation made by Guaidó abroad, in which they demonstrated against the regime of and the electoral fraud that it carried out on December 6, in which it obtained a very low participation in these votes (barely 30% of the register) and the non-competition of the traditional opponents, whose parties were intervened by the Justice.

“I want to celebrate the audacity of a team that put together an app in days. Let us understand the political movement that we are going through in Venezuela, ”said exultantly from the command of the popular consultation. “Today we meet all the objectives,” said the opponent, recognized as the only democratic leader of Venezuela by more than 60 countries in the world. “Unlike the loneliness of the dictatorship, in today’s popular consultation the hope of an entire country was mobilized,” he said.

“Consult, kill fraud. Democracy kills dictatorship, “said Guaidó, who insisted on the contrast between today’s massive convocation and the low attendance at the legislative elections called by the dictator on December 6.

The voting centers for a consultation in rejection of the Venezuelan legislative elections, whose main promoter is the opposition leader , closed this Saturday, although the possibility of participating through two applications remains open.

For the opponent, the “great gain today” is that throughout the world and in every home in Venezuela it is known that those who want change are the majority. “It is known and felt the majority, we are on the streets working for the country. Sooner rather than later those who are outside will return because we are going to defeat the dictatorship ”.

At a press conference, the coordinator of the political command of the popular consultation, Emilio Graterón, explained that the participation data is “absolutely above the forecasts”, for which he described the consultation as “great success”. He also explained that “all the notebooks” where the voter data have been recorded “will be destroyed” to prevent the identities of those who have gone to the polls from being disseminated.

“In Aragua state there are detainees, not today, but since yesterday. In Catia, the groups intimidated our volunteers. The same thing happened in La Candelaria with attacks by officials of the Bolivarian National Police, ”said in statements broadcast on VPI TV.

The municipal Police evicted the seven points of the Popular Consultation in Cagua, in Aragua, on the orders of the Chavista mayor of the Sucre municipality, Miriam Pardo. Volunteers at the participation centers were intimidated by officials with being detained.

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