In a sign of his growing confidence that the US and its allies have failed in their attempts to oust him from office, President Maduro has begun putting his family into positions of power.

In an election boycotted by the main Venezuelan opposition on the grounds it was rigged, the ruling Socialist Party gained more than 91 per cent of the 277 seats. Other polls put support for the regime at less than 20 per cent.

Among the successful candidates were Mr Maduro’s wife, Cilia Flores, and his son, Guerra, 30. Both will take up their positions in the new national assembly in January.

Nicolás Maduro makes power a family affair by promoting wife and son

President Maduro and Cilia Flores, his wife, frequently appeared together on the campaign trail


The younger Maduro is usually referred to as Nicolasito, or “little Nicholas”, and is a flautist who worked for

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