Tatar says return of Varosha properties a priority

Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar said on Tuesday that the return of Varosha properties is a priority, since they have not been given to anyone.

Such decisions are to be made by the Immovable Property Commission (IPC), he said, and a law should be put in place to provide the necessary resources for the IPC.

His comments were reported by Turkish Cypriot media on Tuesday, which also reported his dissatisfaction with the current status of the checkpoints.

In a meeting held on Tuesday with representatives from Louroujina, Tatar said that he always viewed crossings between the two communities as a positive step.

He also said he has expressed his dissatisfaction that the Ledra street crossing remains closed and has spoken about this matter with President as well as with UN and EU officials.

Tatar noted, however, that the risk assessments are made by the ‘health ministry’ and during an increase in cases in the south there is cause for concern.

As for the proposed Louroujina and Lympia checkpoints, Tatar said he is not opposed to them and they would benefit the areas.

The two communities have faced serious difficulties in crossing the Green Line since just prior to the outbreak in March.

Regulations and restrictions have changed repeatedly with some critics claiming the pandemic has been politicised by hardliners on either side to prevent people from crossing.

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