Insulting prophet encourages violence – Hassan Rouhani

TEHRAN, Iran, Oct.28


All people can live togethere when there is stability and peace and when we can respect each other, Iran’s President said, Trend reports via IRNA.

“Insulting Prophet Mohammad is not art, its encouraging violence,” Rouhani said. “Provoking millions of Muslims is not art.”

“It is surprising that individuals who have claims of democracy and art unintentionally encourage violence,” said .

He added that freedom can be useful for society when it coincides with respecting values, it isn’t possible to leave morals and values behind.

“Prophet Mohammad was a teacher of humanity, it’s surprising those who claim to respect cultures, encourage insulting the elders,” Rouhani said.

“All the problems and hatred arise because of cruelty and improper intervention of westerners in Muslim’s affairs,” he said.

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