TEHRAN, Nov. 23 (Xinhua) — Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education announced on Monday a complaint to be lodged at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over the “effects of the U.S. embargoes on the Iranians’ health.”

“The embargoes have harmed the health of the people in various dimensions, and this issue is being pursued through the vice president for legal affairs,” Vice Minister Taher Mouhebati said in a virtual press conference, as quoted by official news agency IRNA.

The Ministry of Health, he added, will provide the necessary documents to the vice president for the follow-up of the issue at the ICJ.

Through its swiping sanctions, the U.S. government has effectively blocked Iran’s access to life support systems and medical supplies amid the pandemic, Mouhebati recalled.

Whenever Iran wants to import testing kits, vaccines or medical devices, there are obstacles created by the embargoes, the official noted.

If it was not for Iran’s local capacity to produce testing kits and PCR devices, “we would be in real trouble,” Mouhebati said.

In April, Iran’s President termed the effects of the U.S. embargoes on medical supplies to Iran as “medical terrorism.” Enditem

Iran files complaint with ICJ over “effects of U.S. embargoes on Iranians’ health”
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