Iran reveals extent of economic recession caused by pandemic – Middle East Monitor

Iranian President has actually exposed that the coronavirus pandemic has actually impacted Iran’s economy adversely by 3 percent. This compares fairly well with some significant nations which have actually seen their economies decrease by 20 percent.

“We have succeeded in managing the country despite the collapse of oil prices and unfair US sanctions, and the problems they have caused to the Iranian people,” Rouhani informed an online federal government conference went to by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Sunday.

The Iranian President worried that, “Strengthening economic flexibility and implementing resilient economy policies are the focus of the government’s activities.” He stated that he thinks that the favorable outcomes of this method in dealing with external shocks to the economy are plainly noticeable.

“The leader of the Islamic Revolution issued a set of recommendations and directives, which consist mainly of strengthening economic flexibility and adopting a resistant economy,” includedRouhani “Hence, the government has placed these two principles at the top of its priorities and has made them the focus of all its activities.”

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