Iranians always respecting Ayatollah Sistani: Rouhani

Speaking on Tuesday in a meeting with the new Iraqi ambassador to Tehran while receiving his credential, said that the Iran-Iraq relations are very important and Iranian government is determined to support peace, stability, and security of Iraq.

Emphasizing that Ayatollah Sistani has always been respected by the Iranian people and government, he hailed the role of his eminence in establishing security and stability in Iraq is unique.

He also said that Iran was with the Iraqi government and people with all its might and facilities during the fight against ISIL, adding that the martyrdom of Lt. Gen. Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis as two great commanders shows that the people of Iran and Iraq stand together against terrorism.

Iraq’s new envoy to Tehran, for his part, stressed the need to further expand and flourish Tehran-Baghdad relations, adding that the Iraqi government and people will not forget the assistance and efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the fight against ISIL.


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