Iran's military chief warns UAE

Iran’s Armed Forces Chief of Staff has warned the leaders of the United Arab Emirates that if an incident occurs in the Persian Gulf that violates the national security of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it will be seen as having been initiated by the UAE and will not be tolerated.

Local media reported that Mohammad Baqeri spoke before senior military members on Sunday. He told them that it is unacceptable that the UAE, which is a Muslim nation, has normalized relations with Israel which has expelled Palestinians from their homeland. He added that the Iranian military may take a different approach to the UAE.

Israel and the UAE agreed to normalize relations on Thursday in a deal brokered by the United States.

Iran’s President condemned the UAE in a speech on Saturday, saying Israel should not be given a foothold in the region.

The UAE revealed that on Sunday it summoned Iran’s charge d’affaires in protest.

The state news agency reported that the UAE’s foreign ministry called Rouhani’s speech “inflammatory and unacceptable” and presents serious implications for security and stability in the Gulf region.

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