Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Ali Rabiei said foreign companies have recently made more contacts with a number of Iranian ministries for negotiations and beginning activities in Iran.

As the number of contacts for cooperation with Iran has been growing, a number of foreign companies seek permission to open offices in Iran, he said.

A series of foreign enterprises that remained in Iran and did not shut down their activities will definitely have more chance for cooperation, the spokesman added.

Rabiei also said that the unique opportunities available in Iran, skilled human force, abundant and cheap energy, and a population of 600 million in Iran’s neighboring states have turned the Islamic Republic into an attractive option for foreign investors.

In comments last month, Iranian President said his cabinet has adopted plans to exploit the country’s economic capacities and mechanisms under the current special circumstances.

The administration’s main economic priorities include plans to supply the basic commodities as well as raw materials for factories and also counter the cruel sanctions that the enemies have imposed with the purpose of crippling Iran’s economy and production, Rouhani said.

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