Rouhani calls insulting Prophet encouragement to violence

“In today’s world, peace and stability will be maintained in our society only when we respect each other. Insulting a prophet is nothing but an encouragement to violence and an immoral act,” Rouhani said while addressing the cabinet session on Wednesday.

“If the West is sincere about his efforts for peace and security, it should stop interfering in internal affairs of Muslims,” he added.

“It is a surprise that those countries who claim to respect freedom, rights, and law are encouraging people to insult each other and major figures. Westerners should understand that the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) is a love of all Muslims and freedom-seekers of the world,” added Rouhani.

“Insulting the Prophet equals insulting all Muslims, all prophets, and all human values,” highlighted the president.

“All the problems and resentments that have been created are due to the oppression and intervention of the West throughout history in the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries and today,” he said, adding that a clear example of such oppression is Yemen whose “poor people are under bombardment by the West.”

“The Muslim World showed a firm reaction to remarks of some Western officials and this shows that the Muslim World will always follow the path of its Prophet. We hope those who have made a mistake would make up for that and return to the path of morality and justice and respect all divine religions.”

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