Rouhani: Iran-US relations will be based on 'opportunities not threats'

Iranian President said his country’s relations with the United States during the presidency of , will take the course of opportunities rather than the climate of threats, Anadolu reported.

Speaking during a cabinet meeting, yesterday, Rouhani said when Biden assumes power, the United States would once again abide by international law, adding that his optimism about the change in US policies during the Biden era does not mean that Tehran is willing to enter into negotiations with Washington.

“Some parties inside Iran seek to polish the US image. Do not do this, as the last American administration was a terrorist. We must not seek to purify and acquit the terrorist and criminal American administration, as acquitting America from its criminal activities is a free service offered by some to attack the Iranian government and spread despair among the people. It is the biggest national betrayal,” he added.

Ahead of the US elections, Biden announced that he would rejoin the 2015 nuclear agreement signed with Iran if he wins.

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